How Weight Loss Varies

  • A rapid weight gain, exactly like a rapid weight loss, is only a retention of water.
  • The body consists of 60% water.
  • The body is like a sponge: the bigger it is, the more water it retains.
  • The more one loses real weight, the less room there is in the body for water.
  • Question: did you ever weigh yourself after a meal and notice that you
    had gained 2 to 4 pounds?
  • We Are Not Equal in Our Ability to Burn Calories

  • Have you you ever asked yourself this question: does my metabolism burn
    calories efficiently? The slightest thing makes me gain weight.
  • We are unfortunately not equal in terms of our ability to gain weight.
  • Problem: our society of abundance does not favor people with slower metabolisms.
  • The thrifty gene has been identified among American Indians.
  • Differences in thermogenesis: Thermogenesis is responsible for burning up to
    300 calories per day, but rates differ by individual.
  • Recognize The Factors. Resolve Your Life.