Weight Loss Testimonials

Real Results and Long Lasting Weight Loss

One day I woke up and realized that I was working so hard at my job and dealing with others that I forgot how to take care of myself.
Reso your life is a program that helps you with some of life's most difficult struggles: stress and weight gain. After beginning this program, I began to treat myself with the respect and care I deserve. Reso helped me get the results I needed to achieve my goals.
Christina, 38 years old

After beginning RESO your life, I can breathe again. I spent my days stressed out and turning to food as an outlet for my emotions. I learned techniques to decrease my stress levels and to take control of my life. I have found ways to resolve some of my worst habits! I highly recommend RESO. - Ashley 55 years old

Reso your life was an eye opener for me. I had no idea why I gained weight so easily. Soon I found that I used food as a way to numb negativity from others and from my own thoughts. Reso taught me methods on how to deal with my emotions instead of counting points and ignoring the real problems I had with eating.
Ann 58 years old

Reso your life is the only long lasting solution for weight loss.
Reso helped me change my life.
Reso works and I am happy!
I highly Recommend this all encompassing program!
Erin, 37 years old

Whenever I went to the supermarket, I ended up with a shopping cart full of cookies, snacks, and high calorie foods. RESO coaches gave me the tools I needed to decide which foods were the right choices and strategies for dealing with constant temptations. I have literally saved money by using the RESO technique.
Lisa, 42 years old

My partner and I started the RESO program at the same time and we had an immediate revelation. We noticed that our restaurant bills were cut in half from just a month before. We had been focusing our outings on quantity instead of quality. Thanks to RESO we have learned methods to enjoy eating out at restaurants without breaking the bank, or our waistlines!
Donald, 32 years old & Jennifer, 28 years old

I have learned with RESO that certain foods will cause you to be continuously hungry. By controlling which types of foods you are eating, you can start feeling satisfied. I have been given the knowledge to understand why I was always hungry and the actual science behind it. No one but RESO has ever explained that to me before!
Michelle, 24 years old

RESO your life teaches you techniques to keep the weight off...for life! Sometimes I find myself slipping into old habits but now I recognize them and I can easily get back to my healthy life style. Months later I am still losing weight without any constraining efforts. RESO is not a onetime fix, it is a solution.
Thomas, 40 years old

With the RESO program, I realized that certain foods caused me to become moody or depressive. RESO your life professionals explained why this was the case. I feel so much better now that I know the reasons for my mood changes. I am happy!

Janet, 52 years old

RESO your weight is revolutionary in the ability to change your body shape. The coaches were able to use techniques to help me improve my own personal body image and goals. The program was completely tailored to my own specific needs and body type.
Laura, 33 years old

Recognize The Factors. Resolve Your Life.